Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4, four FOUR!!!!!!

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Boo and Yum Yum did it. They turned into 4 year olds.
I still can't quite believe they are 4...and now it seems they are only moments away from 5. Especially since they now believe it is their birthday EVERY day. Boo is actually trying to convince me she is 10.

Mermaids are BIG in our house...the new Barbie movie has nothing to do with it...no no no, couldn't possibly. Several months ago I snapped up the Disney Ariel costumes on sale and they were the big hit I knew they would be.

Our mermaids might be camping out for the first time this summer so sleeping bags were in order. We'll be doing "camp outs" inside first, a practice run in the garden and then we'll see if they are ready. I don't want them in my sleeping bag!

Yum Yum is particularly happy to be a mermaid!
There have been a lot of mermaids in the bath every night.

She is such a Princess!

That evening we had birthday cupcakes. We had very pink cup cakes inspired by our recent discovery of the story of Pinkalicious. I used up some random candles and of course used a heavier hand with the red colouring than I would ordinarily. I did a a dollop of pink cake mix in each cupcake and of course in the cream cheese frosting.
Pinkalicious would make a fantastic party theme for little girls!

There was a lot of playing during the day , also an Easter Egg hunt and a movie! They slept very well.

Boo's first words the next morning were "Is it my party day?"

We did this party at our local YMCA- it was a gym party and the kids had fun.

This is one of the few parties we haven't had at home.
Bear's 7th was at a Japanese Restaurant which had a big private room for our use.

Thinking back, we really enjoyed doing the games and having the food taken care of at that party, much more so than the reverse which was the case at the YMCA. I must remember that for next time. Do the fun bit, let someone else do the cooking , serving and cleaning!

We managed to create a happy festive atmosphere in the YMCA room with bright party table decor and my favourite cloud balloons. We used some purchased theme partyware, mixed with plain brights and my favourite cloud balloons. I couldn't go past the talking Mr Men & Little Miss as party favours. I used plain treat bags and used my printer to add the theme with sticker images. The invitations were made the same way except I printed the Little Miss Twins on magnet paper so it could hold the invite on the fridge.

I didn't invest a lot of time decorating the cakes as Boo and Yum Yum were adamant that their Little Miss Sunshine and Chatterbox toys should be on top... I was happy to oblige! Boo had a yellow star cake that was vanilla with lemon frosting and yellow sugar crystals , and Yum Yum's was chocolate heart with pink sugar on vanilla frosting. There are no photos of the cakes....and that's probably a good thing !

I couldn't find the T shirts I wanted (Sunshine & Chatterbox) but when I think about it, the ones I did get were perfect too. Boo's multiple Little Miss/Mr Men design suits her split personality! A ray of sunshine one minute, a stormcloud the next. Yum Yum's Little Miss Whoops T shirt is so appropriate for her. Now that I am keeping track, I have come to realize that Yum Yum falls off a chair AND spills her drink at least once almost every day.

Mr Bump is looking terrified to be included in a goody bag! But it all worked out fine!

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