Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring? Is it you? Is it REALLY you?????

Is that you Spring? It would be really lovely if it was you. That storm we had was a doozy.We hope it blew winter far far away. It was certainly strong enough. We were lucky not to lose power. So what have we been doing ....
We've been to visit some sheep but we were told it was too cold to bring the bunnies out. Boo and Yum Yum tried to feed the sheep. It wasn't entirely successful.

We went to a zoo and saw some hungry sheep, some prairie dogs, bison, alpacas, llamas, penguins, a pig , a leopard, a randy kangaroo and almost a bear. Boo and Yum Yum cared only about the carousel and the bunnies that were not there. It was a nice day for a walk.

We went to visit Daddy at his office and had lunch in the fancy schmancy "canteen" surrounded by "suits".
Boo had some trouble with the revolving door. Yum Yum brought Prince Charming with her.

One of the Breadwinner's colleagues squealed "oh, they are just like twins".

The girls WILL one day fall into this water feature.
Thankfully they wear visitors passes so that they can be re-united with their father when this happens- because I will pretend to not know them .
It was sunny today so Boo and Yum Yum bounced on the trampoline with their Barbies.

The Barbies were then treated to snow baths.
The oil cloth bicycle bags were filled with snow.
Later Bear came home and they played "Easter Egg Hunt" with empty eggs.

Tinky used Boo's new Crocs as pillows.

I washed Tinky's beloved bed. I tried to remove the fur from it with a lint brush. Then I tried damp paper towels. Ended using packing tape. I should have spun it and knitted up a scarf. Tinky is extremely relieved that there is sunshine. She's also looking a bit fat. So do I.

The lake has melted!
There are little plants poking up in our garden.

OMG OMG OMG. OH MY GOSH! The hyacinths are coming up again!

And we will watch these flowers until ours grow.

They spin and they are shiny. WIN.

We practiced helicopters at the playground with a playmate.

Boo had her first really huge public meltdown. Only two swings, too many little girls, too hard to share. She loves the swings. She is one of those children that adores bouncing, swinging, jumping.... she's waited a long time for the swings.

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  1. Just LIKE twins, eh??

    Tinky is looking very .... loved! :)