Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday in NYC

Wednesday dawned bright and beautiful. The forecast for rain/cloud had been changed to sun.

The girls had eaten some Fruit Loops (it was a large box) and were ready for something "real" to eat. Only a few steps away from the hotel is an outlet of Dean & Delucas where coffee was calling my name. We had some healthy fruit and yohgurt. Again I resisted all the YUMMY looking cakes and pastries.

Outside there were some grumbles about being cold. I hoped that once out of the built up wind tunnels that all would be well. Only two blocks north and there stood a line of pretty horses with decorated carriages. BINGO. A sure fire way to put an end to the whinges! Taking the girls on a carriage ride of Central Park was on the wishlist and the opportunity presented itself perfectly. So we loaded up into a carriage pulled by Charlie Horse and were snuggled cosily under a big thick blanket. No one had to walk or pee, everyone was warm and we the sun was shining. It really doesn't get more perfect than that.

Central Park is a wonderful place. A delicious mix of people playing and nature. I would love to spend a whole week just exploring it and taking photos.

When we disembarked we were near Fifth Ave and headed to the zoo. I lost my bearings so our path was not the most direct. But that was OK because otherwise I would never have seen this stunning cardinal and his mate sitting in a yellow cloud of flowers. If only I had my big zoom.... but I did manage to get some reasonable photos.

Our walk also took us past the the busy Wollman ice skating rink, had to sneakily take care of a Yum Yum- I need to PEE without a loo, and the Dairy Gift shop. Although my instincts were saying no to shopping with the twins I am still looking for a birthday gift for my mother. I didn't find anything for her but I was happy with the selection of inexpensive novelties for the kids. We chose Bear a Strawberry Fields T shirt and all the girls each got a kazoo. Now I must point out that I LOATHE whistles. But a kazoo I can fact I find them a little giggly funny. And in the big open space of Central Park the girls could kazoo their hearts out and forget to whine. It worked, we got to the zoo.

Central Park Zoo is quite small, very manageable for little kids. There are turtles, sea lions, polar bears, penguins, a snow leopard, a red panda, a tropical house and a petting zoo.

We had lunch in the zoo cafe, had a pee stop and after the girls had more enthusiasm for looking at the animals. Boo was particularly happy with the Penguins swimming past her head (and pooping). After the zoo we slowly walked towards the Playground with a couple of very frozen popsicles. There are many little dogs to greet along the way and flowers to spy. Unfortunately the Carousel is closed until next week. Hecksher Playground is our family's favourite place to go for a play. For a long time it was closed for refurbishment and is now all brand newish. There were plenty of other children of all ages enjoying themselves, many along with their nannies.

The fort like structure of turrets, bridges and tunnels is great fun although hard for a mum of two to keep tabs on her kids. Mind you the Playground is enclosed so wandering off isn't the concern. The "fort" seems to have been a 70's design, very urban, concrete. So apart from having some weirdo take your kid, falls must involve blood. The surface around it is rubber but there are still a zillion opportunites for cracking a little gourd. Boo did take a heavy drop on her bottom when she missed the last step on the ladder but she shrugged it off with "I'm Okay!" and continued after her sister. Yum Yum also skinned her knee but also shrugged it off rather than stop playing. The opportunity to play Princesses and Castles and Monstas is THAT good! The "fort' also joins a giant rock mountain which my girls do not have permission to climb on without daddy. There are plenty of seats and bathrooms at hand.

From the playground I cajoled the girls toward the Time Warner Center so I could buy some dinner from Wholefoods to take back to our room. It was afternoon tea time so they each selected a pretty easter cookie to nibble on the way home. Yum Yum fell asleep mid cookie.
Boo happily ate her dinner whilst her sister had a nap from which I could not wake her. Yum Yum has the disturbing ability to open her eyes whilst still asleep. Friends have been known to talk to her not realising she is in the Land of Nod, but I know that glazed unfocused look too well and she doesn't fool me! Later Yum Yum woke to eat whilst Boo played in the shower making potions trying to entice her sister to join her. Yum Yum did NOT want a shower and that may have been because of the skinned knee.

The end result of this really great day of fresh air sunshine and excercise.... an overtired, squeaky clean, Boo tantrum of gargantuan proportions and a wide awake chatty grubby Yum Yum at midnight. UGH.


  1. Whether you are a kid or a kid at hart Central Park is just the best place.

    Enjoying your pics reminds me of many great days in park and how it is such a relief from the rest of NYC. I/we miss the park and the city too.

    Thank you.

  2. When we eventually leave it is NYC that I will miss the most...and of all NYC- Central Park is full of great memories. I hope we get to make some more.