Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laugh, then cry.

It was a typical Saturday morning in our house.

Saturday is my morning to have a little sleep in, which was very lovely although interrupted by a loud giggly game of chase that burst into the bedroom and lingered in our ensuite for a brief shriek, and then out again. I rose to join my family.

The Bear had installed herself under a blanket in the quiet of the lounge room to play Nintendo.
Later she lay still on the floor in a patch of sun watching her other tricky T shirt change from orange to white .

The Breadwinner and I were catching up over breakfast. The sun was shining in. He had fed the Boo and Yum Yum and they had run off to play "beach" because he mistakenly said "swimming pool". We could hear the twins via the baby monitor, they continued to giggle sweetly.
I remarked jokingly that they were probably doing something we wouldn't like. I was enjoying my breakfast. It was mellow. You know where this is going don't you.

A parcel arrived. The Breadwinner was excited. A new
snowboard and bag.

The bag he chose can only be described as hideous. Pink and green plaid???? Whatever was he thinking?

We started giggling too. We took photos of his latest purchase and shared his fashion vision online with friends. He already has a reputation for questionable taste when it comes to his snowboard gear. Our friends were very impressed. He is going to pay dearly for this, much more than the bargain price of $39 and free shipping. Silly man.

So Breadwinner, still rationalising his nifty purchase, wandered upstairs to shower in readiness for the monthly recycling trip.

Then I hear him scream and beg me to "come upstairs NOW!" . So I ask "how bad?"
His reply... "worse than you could ever imagine". The smell of nail polish hits me first...and then this.....

The photo just does not convey the horror. What you see is a very small section of a room sized Jackson Pollock masterpiece in blue nail polish. On the carpet (of our rented home) and on the rug of Boo and Yum Yum's bedroom.... on the beds, on the bed clothes (which were filling the gap between the beds.
......and on all of it....BLUE nail polish with face powder, face cream, DARK RED lipstick, CONCEALER stick and MASCARA.... the doll house had a paint job, the beds had been sprinkled with face powder. Everything.

(There was a whole lot more but I had to stop taking photos and start cleaning)

But we are not really sure who could have done such a thing...?

We don't know mum. They were hiding in the closet from who ever did that terrible thing.

They still have blue hands and feet two days later. I have battled some of the stain in the carpet (used one whole 6 oz bottle of non acetone nail polish remover and have another 2 ready) but for the most part I am in denial. I just want to pretend it didn't happen. The bedclothes remain in the washing machine until I feel strong enough to look.

I don't know either mum.
We grounded them.

They are not allowed to giggle. ever. again. The rest of the day wasn't so mellow.

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