Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring time, Bunny time, Good times!

posted 3rd April 2010

Shhhhh....The bunny has been! There will be chocolate and little treats for our girlies. I can't wait to hear their excited little voices in the morning. Bear will also be going to church with her daddy. I hope she and the Breadwinner find this experience a positive one, and that it will be the start of something good for all of us.

In the meantime I have taken care of the magic to celebrate the arrival of spring that is so joyous after a long winter. As the twins get a little older we will hopefuly be able to introduce them to the community and beliefs of the church. Experiencing the Easter traditions in the Northern hemisphere where they originated is a treat. Like a hot summer Christmas, our Australian Easter is in autumn. Instead of the promise of new life, flowers and baby animals, we are instead welcoming the cooler months. In many ways I wish we could separate out the the seasonal traditions from the religious observances, so that they could all be made more relevant and their messages less confused. That would mean our Bunny would come in September and in July we could observe the Winter Solstice and sing songs about snowmen.

Earlier this week I whipped up some Easter Chicks, lemon butter cookies for the Pre school teachers. They tolerate my
tardiness with such good humour and understanding, they certainly need their Spring Break.

Yum Yum was caught doing a naughty thing, but at least now the girls can use their imagination whilst paying outside.

Going outside to play ...HOORAY.
Getting on our bikes and peddling like mad. Boo is a speedster, Yum Yum is not.
Boo likes to help Yum Yum by giving her a push...I just fear it might end in a disaster requiring many band aids!

It should be pretty obvious by now that I am still none the wiser as to how to fix the layout of each post. The preview doesn't actually look like the final post. sorry.

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