Thursday, October 3, 2013

The colour is back.

Well hello there.
Clearly I wasn't missed.  That's OK. I didn't miss me either. I fell in a bit of a hole. A black hole. Climbing out bit by bit. I'm still here, my daughters are 2 years older...and so am I. We gained another cat. Not much else to report. School is off to a mostly successful start with Bear in her first year of High School and the twins in Grade 2. They are all well and happy- that is a blessing in itself. This year will be the year of closely monitoring all three to help them stay on track. And for me... taking steps to keep out of that hole, to get back to being creative in a productive way. First steps have been taken to make our home, temporarily permanent as it is, function better for all of us. For the man of the house it means less clutter, more calm. For my kids it means being able to play and have playdates IN the house, to have a consistent, comfortable place to study and a place to create art. For me it means having things seen to,  organisation, a place to create and relax...and routines that are followed but are flexible. Lives are busy and when I lose the plot, it all falls down in a big messy heap and no  one has clean socks.
Since I've been down the hole there have been a few changes here and I'm not sure how to fix things here anymore. I'll have to reteach myself so relax- the Lego is temporary. However  making the blog prettier isn't top of my "to do " list right now...expect something  prettier after the New Year. Priorities people! Whilst not much of great significance happened in the last two years... there were  birthdays, and trips, and musings had.  Little by little I'll catch up. I think I can.

So here's New Cat, and here's the colour.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is this thing on?

Testing testing 1,2,3