Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunday in NYC-more pics

Here are some more pics...I haven't found the secret to easily rearranging the photos in the order that I want them. Apart that is from uploading them in reverse order. There must be a trick???? anyone?

Monday morning I woke up to find that Yum Yum stripped off her clothes, and had snuck into our bed during the night. Boo had come in to yell "I WANT BWEKFASSSST!"
But we managed to delay getting out of our bed by feeding each other candy from her new nightie...and then her daddy tickled her until she begged for mercy. Suddenly Yum Yum was awake and asking where her new nightie was. Her last sleeping thought is almost always her first waking sentence.
Le Carrousel at Bryant Park. I have a thing for Carrousels.

What are the odds, you come out of a Fairytale theatre and walk past the Cinderella Building?
Anthropologie's Spring recycled flowers in the windows reflecting the Rockafeller Center.

This must have been where the Princess ' beautiful dresses came from, they certainly were "sparkly" door to the theatre.

More of Bryant Park and Le Carrousel
I really adore the avenues of bare limbed trees, very soon they will be all green.

Balloon bear for Boo at Le Cerce Rouge Braisserie. Of course as a parent my immediate thought is "oh no, how soon can we lose it". Yum Yum lasted about 20 minutes before hers vanished and I think Boo's knots eventually came undone. It wasn't too traumatic and whilst they lasted they did the trick of making them forget about the pancakes they hadn't eaten yet.
The next post will be about the Saturday!

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