Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Balloonapalooza - recap

Boo and Yum Yum turned 5 two months ago. They have been looking forward to becoming "big girls" for the past year... soon they will be off to college, err I mean kindergarten.

Although they were very keen to include ten pin bowling, Dora and fairy princesses in the party theme, I took advantage of a fortunate TV moment to suggest a balloon party. It was so much fun I want to do it again. Tomorrow!!!

Although we hoped that by waiting another 4 weeks we might be able to enjoy an outdoor party, April showers meant we had to have the party indoors. In a confined space, with little natural light, there aren't many good photos. However the party was a blast. The balloon sculptor filled the space with the most wonderful wacky balloon creations. He made everything the kids requested and then some. We used a small helium balloon kit to inflate multi coloured confetti stuffed balloons in lieu of a pinata. The kids were able to pop the floating balloons using a stick with a pin taped to the end. They burst very messily all over the room. Big fun. I just wish I had a photo because I loved doing that. (The Dyson cleaned it up easily enough). When it seemed all the balloon fun was over I brought out my secret stash of balloons (hidden in the TV cabinet) and challenged the kids pop them by sitting on them. More fun, more mess.

Can you spot the "ooops" in my rainbow. Note to self, pay more attention to the balloons you are buying,especially size and random bags of smiley face balloons. Actually I think the yellow smileys added a little extra cute to my rainbow. I had to make this after I discovered BALLOON TAPE! All future Bear, Boo and Yum Yum events will now feature my signature Rainbow Smiley Balloon Arch TM!

Goody Bags....full of balloons of course...and mini balloon pumps. I found the perfect bags at Target.

Balloons on sticks...waiting to have sticker faces added. This kept the kids busy until everyone arrived.

The food table. Taken the night before so there's no food actually on it.I resisted all temptation to have a blogland "candy bar". Maybe for the Breadwinner's 50th I'll do one...but for a small kids afternoon tea party it would hav been overkill. We had fruit and cupcakes, birthday cake, GF carot cake and GF cinnamon cheesecake, veggies dips n crackers. And I hid all the crap in our house under the table :-0

This is their birthday cake ... on their actual birthday. It was small and from the supermarket LOL but they didn't care one bit. The cake we had at the party....that was super special.

Boo and Yum Yum celebrated the big 5 in a big way, it seems as if the celebrations went on for a month because, well, they did. They are very happy girls and we love them so. Bye 4, it was wonderful SNIFF.

Just pretend...

That I went out for milk and now I'm back. I have a lot to catch up on.
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