Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some days are too beautiful!

I find days as beautiful as this Easter Sunday a little difficult to grasp as reality. Too pretty.Can you see what I mean?

After our Easter lunch of salad nicoise (we like to eat our eggs with this) we went to the Freylinghuysen Aboretum. It was glorious . It reminded me of a spring 4 years ago, when we came with my mother and our tiny little baby girls. I think it may have been one of their first outings. We sat in the shade of a tree and fed our babies. Our wee girls are "big kids"now, running and enjoying their world.

There were trees to be climbed, grassy slopes to roll down, a ball to chase, nooks to explore and nature to admire and photograph. Oh, and a daddy to sit on.

At home we had an Easter egg hunt in the last of the day's warmth. Mummy is pretty proud of her egg hiding skills. The girls are now bathed and waiting to feast on Daddy's roast lamb dinner... the traditional Easter meal of the Greek Orthodox family. A day like today is such a blessing. I hope everyone enjoyed this day.


  1. Thanks Jill, point and shoot shoot shoot. Now I'm working at taking the big step- and turning the camera off auto!