Thursday, February 4, 2010

subjects for blogging....

What is it I want to share? What don't I want to share?

It's my life, my life as it is, as I would like it to be and as it has been.

I'll start by sharing my adventures in craft and hopefully in fine art.

A lifetime living a like a gypsy tends to shape a life and has its ups , its downs. I have been influenced by so many places and things. It is hard not to acknowledge them especially as it feels that from a creative perspective I may have wasted some incredible opportunities. I can at least say I drew an elephant from observation in Thailand! Better still I hired the elephant for that express purpose and had to pay rates set by the makers of "The Beach"- Elephants Actors Equity rates. However in my 5 years here in the US, despite having them at my back door for free, I have yet to draw a squirrel, or the snow, or my children! But my entire life I have been drawn to creative endeavours but I am not a free spirited type of person...and for a time I was trapped in a world of numbers and laws out of fear.

For a brief spell I was submerged into a creative world that suited my analytical approach. It was heaven and then life intervened. I wasn't able to pursue the opportunity offered and I became a mother. No regrets really just curiousity. And over time any discipline I once had was redirected to feeding, cleaning and clothing kids, getting them places, getting us places and trying to be organised. Now failing at some of this so this blog is also an excercise in "cleaning house", resetting priorities, finding new energy and committing.

So I have dabbled in making things, as much as motherhood and moving around the globe has allowed, satisfying my creative needs with retail therapy (oops) , making babyfood and sewing bits n pieces, doing craft with my kids. I have been learning to sew since dressing dolls with my mothers' fabric scraps whilst somebody important landed on the moon on the TV behind me. And for the last few years I have built me a "stash". And only 4 years ago I discovered there was a name for that pile of stuff I was hanging onto- a stash! Who knew LOL.

I won't share my cooking.. you don't need THAT let me assure you. Not everyone has to be a brilliant cook- I'm sure my family don't mind that I'm an OK cook. But it doesn't give me the same bang for my buck as would an hour of drawing! And then there's the dishes....

Being a parent, that is life defining.
I'll share my girls with you ...they are too much deliciousness for just me alone! Being the mother of twins I am fascinated with them, and with the blogs of mums who have twins too. All the more if they are girls around the same age as mine and their mums are creative, organised and talented types! I am not anal enough to self censor all my images and blog entries , you'll see their funny little faces, but I will try to stick to their nicknames only lest they suffer in the future for my follies. And I will admit upfront here, I had periods in my childhood that were just absolute crap. I get to give these children everything I didn't enjoy and more. Apart from that, I try not to let the past define my future. So here goes...

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