Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding a voice...

I'll be playing around with the look and "sound" of this blog until I find my "voice".

I've been enjoying the blogworld for the past few years, being amazed, inspired and entertained, touched and educated by so many amazingly talented, generous people who share the urge to ...share! At times I have commented but to take part in the " conversation" more fully I've decided that this is the year to start my own blog. Here 'tis.

I shall start with a little introduction. My name is Corina and nowadays there are a lot of Corina's. I'm not THAT Corina...(in case you were looking for a specific Corina). I'm not young, I'm not really really old. I'm married to a generous and caring man who indulges all of us. I am a mother to three girls. The eldest is 10 and my youngest girls are twins about to turn 4. So far they are all completely healthy and mostly delightful. A true blessing. The twins, in their Princess mode, are currently serenading each other with harmonicas whilst Hi5 provides a beat. We had a little celebration of Australia Day at their pre-school this morning. The fairy bread was a hit. Hoovered in fact.

I enjoy sewing and craft, photography, painting, drawing etc I have had some formal art school training (many years ago now) but I am still trying to find out what it is I want to "do" aside from being wife and mother (which I do find satisfying for now). I don't like cleaning, I don't like a mess. I am not that thrilled with cooking ...I do enjoy the eating bit. I'm a control freak that lacks self discipline, an anal pack rat, and the most untidy organised person you will ever know. I'm compulsive but get I migraines over analyizing (spelling?) and trying to plan an unpredictable life. My housekeeping is not the best but better than some. My personal "style" has been lost in circumstance, children, practicality and tiredness. I admire refinement and simplicity but I'm like a lint roller and collect everything under the sun. I feel as though we need to rethink our lifestyle and environment, become captains of our ship again instead of passengers and stowaways...

I am Australian by birth and identity. I currently live in the US. A constant theme in my life has been packing and unpacking. The house we currently call home is where I have lived for the longest time in my entire life...now approaching 5 years. The sad thing to me is that it is not our house, it is not the the house of my dreams and it is not in the place of my choosing. Renting sucks. It means a lot of compromises in how you make a house into a home. Having said that, it's not exactly terrible.

Our life together so far has meant that we have lived in several countries. Half of my family know of no other place to call home.....the cat and the twins having joined our family during our posting here. My husband and I met and married whilst overseas so we have no history together in our "home" cities of Perth and Brisbane. We have had short stints on the Gold Coast and in Sydney. I might write a little more about the other places I have lived as a child as an adult, in subsequent posts. I guess the notion of where and what is "home", is something that is on my mind a lot. We miss our families and friends in Australia. Thank goodness for the annual trip home, internet and Skype!

I am now going to start a Flickr account since that seems to be the thing to do in blogworld.

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