Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blogging for Beginners

Yes I am a newbie to the blog world.... and I'm teaching myself as I go along. You can see that I have made some progress, a Flickr account with sets, blogging about photos from Flickr, designing a banner using free banner design. I'm trying to introduce myself around to the bloggers I have been reading with which I feel some shared experience, situation, interest or have inspired my creations.I hope you make it here..eventually! I do feel as though I am talking to myself which is adding to the sense that I am more than slightly unbalanced.
Cheers I'm not sure how to link to my blog or to post links within the content of my blog...but I will get there, I know I can. It doesn't look too polished and my writing is full of errors....but at least it's happening. So please bare/bear with me whilst I build my house here, furnish it in a style that is all my own. Each moment I can spare this winter I will devote to solving a blog puzzle. I am posting entries to my blog to perfect these new found skills. Presently I am sitting on the couch with Boo draping herself across my shoulders (she's 30lb of cuddle) and Yum Yum snuggled under pink blankie soothing herself by fiddling with the bunny's ribbons. They keep shoving their cold feet up my PJ top. Time to get off the couch and make something happen in the real world. Like lunch. "Ollie like lunch" (a hug if you know that line).

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