Saturday, May 15, 2010


The twins have added "snap" to their game playing skills. I have been waiting for this - card players!!! I remember we taught Bear card games at this age... and if the twins are soon able to entertain themselves with a game of cards that is like winning lotto. And dare I dream that all three girls will sit down to a game of cards one day soon? Of course games have winners and losers, and we have some competitive little ladies. Playing fair and not being a bad loser are going to become a constant refrain in our house.

We taught them Snap last week with an old pack of Rugrats cards when we were at dinner. We didn't teach them the yelling part as we were in a "fine dining" establishment at the time and it would have messed with the romantic evening some people were lucky enough to be enjoying. I can hear in the next room that the Breadwinner has just added the cry of "SNAPAROONIE!!!" and table slamming thumps to the version he is now playing with Boo. Won't be able to pull that game out in that restaurant ever again! The Breadwinner is doing a lovely job of entertaining Boo whilst her partner in crime is laid up with the bug. Boo fell ill Thursday afternoon and naturally Yum Yum followed Saturday morning -snap! I'm not feeling quite so fantastic either -snap! We really must find a nicer game of snap... Angelica, Chuckie, Spike, Didi, Grandpa, Boris. We don't even watch the show and now we know their names... sad! I'm sure we have some in the cupboard.

So in other news, that doesn't involve cardsharks, fevers and sore tummies, it is with regret that our dishwasher has died. I have a different 's' word for that. At least I have a pretty dishbrush to help me.

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