Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey You..

Yes, I mean YOU, the only person reading this. I have a question...

Is the layout all funny when you read this. I can't seem to sort out the layout but then I wonder if ijust maybe t is MY screen that plays the funny tricks? Does there seem to be too much white space (mind you , I 'd LOVE some white space in my house right now), and do the words sometimes run onto the pics?

Just wondering... can you leave me a comment. Please.


  1. nope it looks fine to me!

  2. Yay... my blog looks fine,
    Yay... I have not ONE but TWO readers.
    Yay...I am so lame, lucky thing I like myself anyway!

  3. Most of the posts look fine, though there are some with a lot of white space after photos.

    I use Picasa to add photos to my blog - easy peasy. BUT... if you add photos then your composing window has limited options compared to the usual, so I usually save the draft with the photos in, then reopen it through the dashboard to add text.

    I hope that helps. :-)