Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting back to those skirts I made last year...

The skirts were not very exciting technically , but very quick to make! I had seen a few bandana creations in the bloggy world and was inspired to try it myself. But I am not really one for following instructions, particularly if it involves sewing two squares together. The thing is, I didn't want to do any cutting but the length of the bandana was too long for my little people. My solution was to fold the bandanas to make a layer which is almost apron-like. In order to do this the reverse fabric needs to be reasonable as it will be the top layer. Then I simply stitched the sides together up to the point where the fold was and then stitched a casing. Put in some elastic and voila...bandana skirts. For $2. Each. Three lines of stitching and some elastic.

You can see that Yum Yum's skirt , the pink one, does twist on her body so that the seams are in the middle instead of the sides. She's skinnier than Boo so I think that is why that happens. I was thinking that it would look cute at the back if there was a large dark blue bow attached to the casing and a smaller one at the front, or I could just take it in a pinch...or she could just fatten herself up a bit! Another feature that my girls would probably approve - pockets. Maybe just one more bandana .... cut, edge, attach patch pockets to the "aprons". The $1 bandanas came from Walmart and have softened up nicely.

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  1. Hi Corina! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I LOVE these skirts!! I have so many bandanas, but sadly, don't sew (not even simple things...) If you ever decide to make more and sell them, I'll be the first in line to buy! (open up an shop!)

    Also, it's so funny that you said "sunshine on legs" - we just got back from the Washington coast and I am working on a new post with pictures of our feet in the sand, but my favorite part is their little legs... Peace