Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When 4 year olds paint pumpkins....

When the Breadwinner spied these globs (not globes) he exclaimed his surprise that we would choose to buy green pumpkins. On closer inspection he wanted to know why anyone would paint orange pumpkins, green? There was a very adamant response.."they are NOT green daddy, they are GREY!".
Whew, 'cause what to do with them otherwise? When I think about their handiwork I have to admit they actually came up with a perfectly valid Halloween transformation. I have some ideas on how to complete their vision. Even if I hadn't been distracted by a sparkly cat yawning...

I don't believe I could have (or should have) changed the outcome. They enjoyed themselves and that is what mattered.


  1. That cracked me up - that they started with delicate spots and stripes, then...

  2. I keep telling myself "process not result, process not result"