Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Wednesday night- must be bento time

Yes, you are seeing googly eyes on a banana. I'm hoping it gives them a giggle. Yum Yum is my only banana eater and even then it isn't always her thing. For lack of any other fruit to fill the gaps, Bear and Boo have carrots and teeny rounds of edam cheese-cut with an apple corer. I'm doing the apple pancakes again but I had to combine a Bisquick with a Jemima pancake mix, and it didn't seem to cook as nicely. I couldn't find the fruit leather so this time I used cranberries and dried apricots for faces. The photo is upside down- don't ask. Back in OZ we would ordinarily mix our own pancake (pikelet) batter but we have become accustomed to the reliable results of Aunt Jemima's- (read lazy).The twins will also have a yohgurt drink (Danimals Smoothie) whilst China always has 2% skim milk provided at school.

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