Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh well....

This was the week in which Bear, Boo and Yum Yum lost all their marbles. So pay day became no-pay day. Yep... sad but true, but they are taking it in their stride and a new week has begun.. and hopefully they will take us seriously about the cleaning up after themselves.
The last bento box wasn't a big success with Boo and Yum Yum, I had been a little too optimistic in presenting them with something they hadn't eaten before...mental note -don't do that!. They did eat everything on the bottom tray. The chocolate chip surprise was popular.

Bear ate all of hers but did comment that
"those pretend tuna sushi things weren't all that great ".

I told her that would be because they were SALMON not tuna....and if she had read the note in her lunch box she would have known that...mental note -write outrageous things on the lunch box notes to get her attention.

Tomorrow's lunch will be pasta/mac n cheese...although Bear's menu will read something like " braised moths".

The Breadwinner has jet set himself to Copenhagen so it's just me and the wild things for a few nights. Yum Yum was dicovered this morning with her daddy's Trident gum, methodically working her way through the entire pack and most reluctant to give it up! The artificial everything in her system produced a very wacky tantrum.

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