Sunday, November 7, 2010

I need to post..

I am surprisingly slow at keeping this blog up to date...
let me plonk some photos here in this space for you... and summarise - Halloween was FUN!

We didn't carve our pumpkins this year...instead we went for The Mr Potato Head kits. Easy.

On the Friday morning the twins wore their costumes to pre school for a Pumpkin Party. That afternoon we attended our local Halloween tailgate which shows the best of our local community- not to say that they are all monsters, ghouls and vampires, but that they are hugely creative and generous. The way the cars/trucks/vans are decorated is incredible... maybe next year we'll give that a go...maybe.

I didn't see much of Yum Yum, we became separated in the parade so she did the Halloween tailgate with her daddy whilst I shepherded the Boo duck who did get very enthusiastic about her candy collection.
Our dentist will be pleased to see his best patients taking good care of their teeth..they are still thrilled with the Firefly toothbrushes they collected at the tailgate. They also wore these vampire to teeth the following week.

We were exceptionally pleased that there was no more Halloween for us on Saturday- instead we did the soccer duties, checked on the donut supply at the cider mill and went for a walk in the forest. We re-arranged the junk in our garage into spooky junk in the garage and on Sunday afternoon and into the evening, hosted a bunch of friends in our driveway...because we live in Halloween St. So with a firepit and plenty of food/wine we had a lot of laughs.

Most of the area is semi rural/ hilly. Our street is flat, it's a horseshoe shape and is home to a several enthusiastic homeowners who embrace spooky decor wholeheartedly. We have little choice but to join in..and now the annual celebrations are getting closer and closer to becoming one big street party. We forgot to keep a tally this year ..we get around 200 trick-or-treaters, possibly 300. Still, we are grateful that we don't live in Christmas Street. They must go bonkers with the cars driving slowly past ...over and over again...for weeks! Not to mention the electricity bill.

Eventually the candy high wore off and normal activity has resumed.
Note to self. Halloween 2011..ghosts x 3. This time I really mean it.

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