Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now where was I?

Oh my goodness, I kind of wandered off there for a bit. Do you know what happened?
Summer... just summer... getting outdoors, having a short break away and Bear, Boo and Yum Yum at home to entertain. Summer is the best kind of thing that can happen to me because I was really very tired of winter.

We celebrated with a girly manicure session... all of the colours of nail polish that are popular now inspired me to round out our collection of pink... to the entire rainbow.

The girls have been attending summer camp at the local elementary school and a gymnastics camp this week for Boo and Yum Yum. Boo and Yum Yum were so delighted after their first session , it was a bonus when they had face painting on the next day!
Back in the spring they had some rather stylish face paint done...

And so when I spotted a set of body art crayons in Claires, I bought them a put them away as an activity they could do with their big sister . Today was the day...

They enjoyed having their big sister's full attention, and Bear did her best to satisfy their whims by making butterfly and dragonfly faces , and flowers on their arms. Bear just scribbled all over her face in her excitment to see how the crayons worked. They went on easily and the colours remained lush.
Today we also had a visit from Mr Andy our plumber. For several weeks now, the girl's bathroom upstairs has had no hotwater to the bath/shower. We ignored this because we had some other more pressing repair situations - dishwasher and air conditioning had priority!
We have been a bit err, umm , less strict in the daily bath requirement for Boo and Yum Yum as a consequence. Stiff hair has become the new indicator of bath readiness, and we have been dragging them into our ensuite shower. Bear, being of a certain age, is required to shower more often of course, I could never let stiff hair happen to her- dreads!
So today, after a new tap/shower unit was installed, Boo and Yum Yum resumed the Barbie bath routine and guess what.
That Claire's doesn't come off easily. I'll be carting around some odd looking children tomorrow.

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